The rebirth of chivalry

I know it has been a few weeks but work has had me tired. Despite being tired I have still found time to date, and one guy in particular. This guy happens to be the most chivalrous guy I have met to date. Let me tell you guys all about how we met. First you need a little background on how I go to clubs alone. So during the summer of 2011 I was going out to a club with a friend in New York and well we didn’t get in. She wanted to go home and I still wanted to go dancing. So I decided to go to this club ALONE. Well I ended up having a good time by myself. I met new people and danced a little. I received a lot of attention from guys which lets face it, is pretty nice.

Well one Friday in January I decided to go out by myself to Club Element because it was reopening weekend and nothing was going to stop me not even the warning of snow lol. Well I went out danced, drank a little, and got some attention. Towards the end of the night I met this guy lets call him The Cop. Well we met and we talked I declined when he asked for my number about five times. I eventually gave it to him after feeling him out a bit. Well he left the club the same time I did. HERE COMES THE CHIVALRY! He helped me put on my coat and he also held my shoes while we walked to the train station. I know it’s not much and maybe I have been meeting some serious jerks if I think that is chivalry. Well we went on a date and he opened all the doors for me, starting with the car door. Guys usually just unlock the car  doors and have you open your own door. Despite the fact that his chivalry are little things I still feel respected when I am with him and that is all that matters.


Guess who’s back, back again, Alicia’s back tell a friend!


I know it has been a long time but I have decided to blog again! I am too excited! My Private Show is back and with much more private details than before (well maybe) lol. I have decided to revamp this blog adding post about television, celebrities and who knows even some fun toys and much more.

The past seven months have been such an emotional rollercoaster and I am ready to tell you all about it. Starting with a confession of being in love, going through the “I am still trying to hold on so lets still perform the act of a Homo Sapien mating ritual” (breathe) phase. And ending with the “it’s a new year and new me which doesn’t include you so see you when I see you or not all would be best” (breathe) phase.

Well I don’t want to go into too much detail on this first post but just know you are in for some stories. Well sit back, relax, get some popcorn and enjoy the crazy, fantastic, emotional, “I want more” ride through The Private Show.


P.S. Did I say CRAZY!


Post College Dating, where the real dating happens.

On May 23, 2011 I officially became a college graduate! Yay Me! Among all the worries that come with graduating, post-graduate dating is such a small one, but it can be big to some people. If you haven’t found your soul mate in college what happens after graduation? I have experienced dating people from the night life scene and it hasn’t really paid off and my interest in that person is not really there. People say try coffee shops or something like that, but how many people are really being social butterflies in a coffee shop in busy New York and New Jersey. For me post college dating is looking good I found someone I am interested in so we shall see where things go. When it comes to dating we must stay open and give a person a little chance. Well that’s it for now. Good luck to all you single college graduates and welcome to the real dating world.


Breaking up is hard to do.

I was looking back on some poems I wrote when I was younger and I came across a break up poem. The poem made me think about how when a person is younger and they go through a break up it is like the end of the world. I am sure those who have went through a break up at a young age knows the feeling. As a teenager I am sure most of us tried to find an outlet to express what we were feeling during a break up. Throughout my time at college I have heard people say that they are unhappy in their relationship but they still stay. I have also seen people break up but they still participate in Homo Sapien mating rituals (Sex) with that person. Why do people stay if they are unhappy? Why do people break up but continue a sexual relationship? Well here is the poem that made me think of all those wonderful things.

 The Closure to what was known as “Us”

My cousin once told me letters are evidence of getting your feelings hurt.

So why do I still write letters?

Why do I still let you know what is in my soul, mind, and heart?

When all you do is take my feelings for granted.

You mistake my love for weakness.

You allow me to chase you, to chase your love.

Right now at this moment im letting you know im through.

I’m letting, letting go of you.

I thought I would actually be this great thing in your life.

The one person that you would never hurt in any way possible.

So why do I sit here letting you know that im hurting.

I’m hurting because you don’t call and ask how im doing.

I’m hurting because when I tell you I love you, you say “Yea sure, whatever you say.”

I’m hurting because the love we once had is fading slowly.

I’m hurting because im pulling at feelings that are no longer there.

I’m hurting and im so tired of hurting. So I have to let you know.

I’m letting, letting go of you.


Breaking tradition, maybe to soon!


While getting my daily dose of the beauty that is reality television, I witnessed a woman go against traditional engagement procedure. I was watching the VH1 show titled Love & Hip Hop, which focuses on the lives of women that are involved in the Hip Hop industry in someway. So Chrissy Lampkin who is dating rapper Jim Jones decides to take the next step and propose to him. This proposal was well over due since they have been dating for six years. But did Chrissy do the right thing? I believe that a man likes to feel like a man and make the moves. Not saying that a woman can’t make any moves. I think it is a woman’s dream to have her man propose to her in a special way. Jim Jones didn’t really say yes but he did say “I’m with you” but that’s not really a yes. So was Chrissy’s breaking tradition a good or bad thing ? Should women wait for men to make that next step in a relationship? Well I leave you guys to ponder over those things.



So lately I have been watch a lot of  True Blood one of the best shows on TV. I finished three seasons in about 3 weeks. I think I started watching the episodes over again because I am missing the person I used to watch it with because he is away. So in the last episode of season 3 truebies find out that Bill actually manipulated Sookie into falling for him and the way he did it was by getting her almost killed and then allowing her to drink his blood and if you watch the show you know vampire blood is intoxicating. Well this brings me to the topic of manipulation. People often try to manipulate other people into doing things. I’ve even heard of women manipulating men into marrying them and men manipulating women into sleeping with them. But my thought is that someone can’t really make you do something you don’t want to do. So are people really being manipulated? Well that’s it I leave you to ponder over that question enjoy people!


Animal Love

So this time I want to highlight a different type of love. So my focus this week is my best friend Darshani who has a deep love for animals. Her love for animals first developed when she was 3 years-old, she used to feed the pigeons in the park. She would also watch Barney with her parrot Laura. Darshani believes that the first step in building a relationship with animals is gaining their trust. Over the years she has had about 7 different animals including a bird, turtle, fish, hermit crab and a number of cats. 

When asked how she feels about animals she replied “I love them, no it’s more than love but not in a strange way.” Darshani has a better relationship with animals because she says “a animal can’t hurt you and they don’t expect much all they want is love and safety.” So there you have a person that has a stronger bond with the animals she cares for this can be true for many people.

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